Welcome to Lattitudes Fair Trade Store!

Shopping with a heart

Welcome to Lattitudes Fair Trade Store! We are so happy that you have decided to come visit us virtually! If you have come to this page in error, what a happy coincidence! You should stay, make yourself comfortable, and peruse our very delightful little website over a hot mug of tea or coffee (both of which you can purchase at our shop here in downtown Cape Girardeau… yes I’m already trying to sell you something!).
But seriously, our store is about so much more than just consumerism. We are, in fact, shopping with a heart. What does that imply you might ask? Please click on our information tabs of ABOUT US, WHAT IS FAIR TRADE? and OUR MISSION to find out more about who we support, why we’re fair trade, and exactly what all that means.

We are a fair trade store that aims not only to further the mission and quality of fair trade but local philanthropic efforts like our clothing closet with Hope Children's Home. We strongly believe in our products and missions!

137 N Main Street,
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
(573) 820-9086
10:30AM-6:00PM TUE-SAT