Welcome to Lattitudes Fair Trade Store!

Shopping with a heart


Greetings from the Shelton and Caruso family! In the picture to the right you'll see me, Rayme Hooten-Caruso, and my lovely hubby, Brandon Shelton. We're the owners and operators of Lattitudes, and proudly so! To give you a little info about us, I hale from a family of 8 children (yes, eight… I said eight), and a unique 8 at that. With the exception of me, all of my brothers and sisters were adopted through foster care (we make quite a sight out in Cape Girardeau during our outtings), and my parents, Paul and Dawn Caruso, are VERY active in the foster care district here in Cape. As part of our giving back locally my family and I started the Hope Chest (clothing closet) that allows foster youth to come in and get lightly used or new cloths at any time (the state provides barely enough to buy more than a few outfits at a time, and let's face it, to a kid that's a week's worth). While I'm originally in Cape I've lived in a variety of places throughout my 20's and had numerous wonderful experiences (let's give three cheers to Sac State Women's Rugby!) both in the United States and out, but finally decided to settle here in Cape after finishing my masters at California State University, Sacramento. It's been a wild ride, but I'm excited about this newest adventure with my new husband Brandon Shelton, our dog Argos, and my precious princess Athena (aka, my cat).

Brandon Shelton is originally from Dexter, Missouri, and his lovely family has helped us beyond words with starting our life together and this business. You'll see many details in our store that are the direct influence of Danny and Darlene Shelton. Brandon attended Dexter High and currently attends SEMO and is almost done with his fine arts degree (whoot!). He is a wonderful ceramic artist (and I'm not just saying that because I'm married to him). He intends to eventually go for his masters in this area, but currently sells his work here at Lattitudes and online at Etsy. Brandon, like me, also has a passion for traveling and has gone on mission trips Romania, Nicaragua, and the Caribbean as well as traveled through Europe.

Overall, we started this business because we want to do more than just watch the world turn and just hear about the unfortunate conditions and situations in developing countries. We want to HELP, and we found that this was a way that could not only benefit the local economy and bring culture to Cape, but also give jobs and a living wage to those who need it most! We love our store, what it achieves, and the women and men who produce our products. So come on in, say hi, and enjoy a free coffee sample while you shop! Three cheers for fair trade!