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Shopping with a heart


Finally, within our store we have allocated space for a clothing closet, which provides lightly used or new clothing to foster youth and their families free of charge (we also are more than happy to help anyone in need on a case by case basis!). Essentially, when a child is taken from their home they’re often not able to take the majority of their belongings ,if any, to their new foster home. While the government does provide clothing stipends they’re often not sufficient in providing all of the clothing items a child may require. Hence, where we come in! We’ll provide clothing, toys, books, baby supplies, etc. for free of charge.

Furthermore, Lattides Fair Trade will go directly into supporting Lattitudes Clothing closet by paying for the electric bill and staffing that the closet requires. Ergo, when you purchase a fair trade item from ys you’re not only supporting local philanthropic efforts and the benefits of fair trade, but also foster youth in need! If you know anyone in need or are in need, foster child or not, please feel free to contact us at our store number!